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Helpful Documents

These documents are available to property owners interested in our services. Please contact us at 1-855-595-8989 or contact us if you require any additional information or have a problem downloading these documents.

All documents are in PDF format.

Property Information

What Makes A Property Rentable: Many factors determine whether you will be successful in renting your house. This documents looks at these factors.

Setting-Up Your Vacation Home: This document provides information on what to provide once you've decided to rent your home.

Hot Tub Instructions: If you have a hot tub we provide this information for the safety of your guest.

Pet Policy: We require our renters to sign a pet policy if they are bringing a pet.

Cleaner’s Checklist: A list of what your cleaning service should provide.

General Enquiries    Toll Free: 1-855-595-8989 Tel: 1-250-595-8989
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